News Crew vs Motorist Altercation Caught on Video

An altercation between a Solar News Channel 9 crew member and a motorist has been caught on video that's going viral on social media.

news crew vs motorist

The video, which is 1 minute and 38 seconds long, was uploaded on Facebook by a certain Dora Lulab Dorado on Tuesday, September 16.

In it, a 9NEWS vehicle with plate number "TSQ 543" is seen counterflowing one-way traffic.

The motorist went out of his car to tell the driver that they should not cross.

However, the driver insisted that they should be allowed to proceed as they were in a hurry, pointing out that they were already flashing the hazard warning signal lights.

Apparently, the motorist went back to his car to defuse the tension. What happened next is unknown.

The video has garnered more than 1,600 comments and over 5,000 shares as of this posting. The uploader urged netizens to continue sharing the video until it reaches the attention of other news channels.

Solar News has yet to release an official statement regarding the matter.