Mutant Giant Spider Dog Viral Video Hits The Internet By Storm

The video of the mutant giant spider dog prank is not just viral, it's hitting the internet by storm, garnering over 62 million hits in only 5 days.

Mutant Giant Spider Dog
Screengrab from video courtesy of SA Wardega

Created by Polish actor and director Sylwester Adam Wardega, the viral video features his lovely dog Chika (pronounced Czika) which he transformed into a "very dangerous killer."

SA Wardega revealed that it took long for him to work on the film because he did not know when the dog will "attack" and it's not at all times that someone gets struck with what he calls "arachno-dogophobia."

The great prankster said Chika demanded from him a "delicacy" everytime they shoot a scene. He compared the virality of the video to a "tsunami," whatever that means.

SA Wardega published the video last September 4. So far, it has garnered 62,721,127 views on YouTube.

Check it out: