Miriam: My message to Facebook and Twitter friends (video)

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago recently uploaded a video titled "My message to Facebook and Twitter friends" for an important announcement.

Miriam Santiago: My message to Facebook and Twitter friends

Here's the content of her message:

Hello my dearest friends.

I wanted you to see me as I'm now in partial recovery from my lung cancer. It was stage four which is the last stage, but my doctors took away two cups of liquid from my lungs so I don't think I'm stage 4 anymore.

Plus, after six weeks of my "wonder pill," which I take once a day, the scans showed that 80 percent of the cancerous mass had already disappeared.

So, if that (some word) is as efficient as that, I hope to see you personally in a meet and greet function or event that I would like to personally organize for each one of you.

In the meantime, I give you a very very grateful and loving hug and kiss.

Thank you.