Michelle Ann Bonzo burial photo captures ghost like figure

A ghost-like figure has been captured in a photo taken during the funeral and burial of Michelle Ann Bonzo last Wednesday, August 27.

The picture was posted on Wednesday, September 3, by Moira Jade Avila Lumbo on the Facebook page of Michelle Ann's boyfriend, Hiro Mallari.

Michelle Ann was one of the seven tourism students who died in the so-called Bulacan State University field trip tragedy last August 19.

She and the other victims were on their way to the tour bus when raging floodwaters swept them away while crossing Madlum River in the municipality of San Miguel.

The ghost-like figure can be seen standing behind a teenager who was holding a banner with a printed message that says "I LOVE YOU MICHELLE ANN BONZO."

Michelle Ann Bonzo ghost
Photo courtesy of Moira Jade Avila Lumbo
It happened while Hiro and his friends were preparing to release several white balloons to lift the banner up in the air.

Have you seen the ghost-like figure in the picture? If you haven't, here's the before-and-after version. Note that brightness was reduced in the enhanced photo.

Original photo from Jamine Christ Bondad