Jamich 'iPon Para Sa iPhone' Controversy: The Truth

The controversial Jamich "iPon para sa iPhone" Facebook post has been trending online for almost a week now. What's the truth behind it?

Jamich 'iPon Para Sa iPhone'
Screenshot courtesy of 2ngaw.com
An explanation that's clear as crystal can be found on news and entertainment blog 2ngaw.com's new article titled "Was it Really Jam Who Posted the Controversial iPhone Status on FB?"

The write-up cited the page admin and bloggers as the primary suspects: Admin Mikkay, Trendingnewsportal.blogspot.com, and JamesBangFiles.com.

Over a possibility rating of 0 to 10, we will go for a 9.

It was neither Jamvhille Sebastian nor Paolinne Michelle Liggayu who posted the viral status message.


One of those who manage the fan page.


It's because the couple knows they have millions of followers and becoming insensitive to their fans' feelings would tarnish their reputation and image.

The famous tandem has been receiving donations since Jam confirmed last March that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Who on earth would compromise everything just for a damn desire to own Apple's tech toy without hurting the tenderhearted?

People who only think of themselves, not of Jamich, that's for sure.

On the probability that it was a sponsored post, we go for a 0 because it is very unlikely for Globe Telecom to do that due to Jam's situation.

We will publish Globe's statement or comment once our private message is returned.