Jackie Rice scolds old woman (viral video)

A video showing model-actress Jackie Rice scolding a fan—an unidentified old woman—is currently spreading virally on social media.

Jackie Rice scolds fan
Screengrab from YouTube
In the video, which was taken by Facebook user AJ Javier and posted on YouTube by Manila Trends, the 24-year-old Kapuso star is seen berating the old woman.

Jackie was apparently annoyed when the fan attempted to take pictures with her while she was working. Allegedly, the old woman was also coughing near her.

The old lady apologized for disturbing Jackie, saying it was unintentional. She also asked the actress not to get mad at her in front of the public. But the actress continued talking angrily as if she was tongue-lashing someone younger.

After a while, Jackie shifted her attention to the person who was taking the video and asked him to stop.

Immediately after the video was uploaded, the actress got bashed.

However, there are claims that the whole scene was scripted and staged as a "social experiment" of Wish ko Lang, a wish-granting program on GMA-7.

Apparently, the show wanted to find out what the people's reaction would be under such situation and whether or not they would try to capture the scene on video using their smartphones.