'Image of Crying Jesus' Appears on Banana Trunk (Video)

'Image of Crying Jesus' Appears on Banana Trunk
Screenshot from video courtesy of Nathaniel A. Cordero
A video showing what is believed to be the image of a crying Jesus appearing on the trunk of a banana tree is making rounds on social media.

The video was captured and uploaded by a certain Nathaniel Cordero in Barangay Comon in Aritao town in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.

In his Facebook account, Cordero posted that he had goosebumps upon seeing the supposed image of Christ.

It can be seen that residents in the area were scrambling just to catch a glimpse or take pictures of the image. Some were touching the "image" while others were wiping their handkerchiefs on it.

In a follow-up status message, he posted another video showing the image which, he said, "looks like crying because of the rain water flowing on his eyes."

He captioned the 34-second clip with: "Pls share diz video if u believe in God."

Both videos were shot and uploaded on September 15, less than a week before Tropical Storm Mario battered the country.

Some netizens associated the appearance of the "crying image of Jesus" on the banana trunk to the recent typhoon.

Do you think it's an apparition and a reminder for people to repent and ask for forgiveness of sins?

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