Hail In Monkayo, 'Ice Bucket Challenge From Heaven'

A soft hail that occured Tuesday, September 2, in Monkayo, Compostela Valley province, has been caught on video that's going viral online.

Hail in Monkayo
Courtesy of Junar Tanghian Novelero
Facebook user Inday Marchie Neri Domag uploaded the video taken by Liezl Neri Sarte with a description that reads: "Rain with ice pellets (soft hail) in Monkayo."

Domag also shared photos from Junar Tanghian Novelero showing small hailstorms that dropped on the ground.

In an Instagram post, Novelero said it was the first time that the municipality experienced a hailstorm. He said the phenomenon has hurt no one.

Hail is a form of solid precipitation that consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice called hailstone.

Dr. Jack Hall, chair of the department of environmental studies at University of North Carolina, explains:

Hail forms with an uplift that involves air rising, cooling and condensing as the temperature goes down.

The uploaders' Facebook friends joked about the Monkayo hailstorm, saying it was just an "ice bucket challenge from heaven."