Coleen Garcia Sex Scandal Video?

The alleged Coleen Garcia sex scandal video, said to be the reason why Billy Crawford went berserk recently, is making rounds online.

Fake Coleen Garcia sex scandal video circulates
Photo from @coleengarcia via Instagram

Although it's quiet obvious that the reported scandalous video is fake, a link to it is spreading across Facebook timelines and getting a lot of attention from users of the social networking site.

According to a tipster, the fake video actually exists and can be viewed on an adult site if one uses the keywords "Coleen Garcia sex video 3gp" to search. The girl in it is not the TV host actress but a look-alike, the tipser said.

On Facebook, anyone who clicks the link to the alleged Coleen Garcia sex video gets redirected to a page which contains a fake ABS-CBN report saying that the scandal caused her boyfriend to go to a police station in Taguig.

It can be recalled that Billy was arrested and detained last week after he uttered derogatory statements and broke the sliding glass door of the precinct. He was charged with malicious mischief and disobedience to a person in authority, but released from detention after posting bail.

The reason why the singer-actor did it remains unknown although there were reports that it was a "personal problem."

Just like previous hoaxes, the method applied by the spammers/scammers is similar to the one used on TV host Boy Abunda, whose absence from his shows sent showbiz-oriented netizens buzzing.

It is called "clickjacking" which, according to International Business Times, "is a technique used to trick online users into clicking hidden links and buttons. Scammers exploit the security weakness in web browsers to allow the layering and hiding of pages."

"As a result, users often click on the play button of a video they thought was posted by a Facebook friend. However, they don't know they are clicking on a hidden link. Users will then be redirected to other pages that ask for personal information. These pages often encourage users to join a 'competition.' If information is entered, victims will be vulnerable to malicious software. Scammers will use their profiles to spread the scam online," the website explained.

If you happen to spot a Facebook post or comment regarding the alleged Coleen Garcia sex scandal video, ignore it. Don't fall victim to the scam.