Davao Death Squad Strikes Again, Shoots Man Dead (Video)

A video showing a man, believed to be involved in drug-related activities, who was shot to death by alleged members of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) is making rounds on social media.

Davao Death Squad Strikes Again, Shoots Man Dead (Video)

Facebook user Joshua Labial Mandaguio posted the video on the Philippine Shooters / Gun Clubs group page last Sunday, September 21.

He said the unidentified man, who resided in Bohol before coming to Davao, was apparently shot six times in the head.

The incident reportedly took place near a meatshop just a few steps away from a cockpit in Barangay Tigatto. Some residents in the village are heard in the video saying they saw 6 empty shells on the ground.

The Davao Death Squad is a vigilante group allegedly responsible for summary executions of individuals suspected of petty crimes and dealing in drugs in Davao, according to Wikipedia.

"There appears to have been a certain degree of public approval among citizens of Davao City for the actions of the death squad, primarily fuelled by public discontent at 'the arduous and ineffective judicial system' that created an environment where extra-judicial executions seemed to be a 'practical resort' to suppress crime in the city," an entry in said web source stated.