'Cosmic Rays Radiation' Hoax Text Exposed!

A text message telling recipients to turn their mobile devices off due to an alleged "cosmic rays radiation" has been circulating recently.

hoax text

The forwarded message, which was written in Bisaya, reads:

Pahibalo: Paki off sa mga cp, 10:30PM to 3:30AM kay kusog ang radiation tungod cosmic rays, nucli atomic. Delikado daw, makamatay tao. Ayaw edulog ang cp, paki4ward na lang sa inyong mga contacts.

from: PAGASA


Notice: Please turn off your cp (cellphone) from 10:30PM to 3:30AM because there's strong radiation from cosmic rays, nucleu atomic. It is said to be dangerous and can kill people. Do not sleep with your cp nearby, kindly forward to your contacts.

PAGASA or any of the news outlets in the country has no relevant announcement or warning whatsoever.

Circulation of such hoax text is believed to have started since 2008, with periodical recurrence.

The obvious intention is to cause panic, but criminals also use it to victimize people.

Here's how the fraud goes:
  • Once you turn off your phone, crooks will contact your loved ones and tell them that you met an accident.
  • Because your phone is off, it will be impossible for your family, relatives, or friends to reach you and verify your condition.
  • The criminals will then ask from them cellphone load or money.
That's it.

Don't ever believe the "cosmic rays radiation" hoax text. Let no one fool you.

Image courtesy of hyena reality at FreeDigitalPhotos.net