Carl Balita rant over DBM letter to Ang NARS goes viral

Carl Balita's rant over the letter of the Department of Budget and Management to Ang NARS pertaining to the salary of nurses has gone viral on social media.

The businessman and broadcast journalist, himself a nurse and a vocal supporter of causes for the welfare of Filipino nurses, expressed dismay in a lengthy message in his Facebook page Saturday, September 6.

He attached a May 26, 2014 letter from DBM Assistant Director Edgardo Macaranas to Representative Leah Paquiz of the Ang NARS party-list.

In the letter, Macaranas said:

While the law expressly provides for SG-15 (Salary Grade-15) as the entry level for Nurses, its implementation would distort the heirarchical relationships of medical and allied positions, as well as other positions in the bureaucracy."

The DBM official added:

Likewise, the proposed upgrading of entry level 4,787 Nurse I positions would require additional PS costs of Php438,109,687 per annum that would further strain the government coffers."

DBM letter to Ang NARS

After reading the letter, Balita said he wanted to organize a rally.

He noted that it is corruption that's straining government coffers and not personal services (PS) for nurses.

Balita also called for nurses to take action and launch a protest, saying that they have been "exploited enough."

Here's the full text of Carl Balita's Facebook post: