Boy Abunda Talks Death Hoax, Liver Abscess, 'The Buzz' Return

Boy Abunda has finally broken his silence. In an interview aired Sunday on The Buzz, he talked about death hoax, liver abscess, and his return on TV.

Death Hoax

The 'King of Talk' has been absent in his television shows for almost a month. During his absence, there have been speculations about his real condition.

In recent weeks, rumors that Boy Abunda is dead circulated on social media, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. Scammers took advantage of the issue and used the Boy Abunda death hoax to victimize innocent people.

Here's an example of the tweets saying that the TV host died of colon cancer:

When the link is clicked, the victim will be brought to a fake Yahoo! Celebrity Philippines web page which contains a message about Boy Abunda's supposed passing, together with a video that asks one to share on Facebook before it can be viewed.

Boy Abunda death hoax

The method used by scammers is called "clickjacking" which, according to International Business Times, "is a technique used to trick online users into clicking hidden links and buttons. Scammers exploit the security weakness in web browsers to allow the layering and hiding of pages."

The website explains: "As a result, users often click on the play button of a video they thought was posted by a Facebook friend. However, they don't know they are clicking on a hidden link. Users will then be redirected to other pages that ask for personal information. These pages often encourage users to join a 'competition.' If information is entered, victims will be vulnerable to malicious software. Scammers will use their profiles to spread the scam online."

Boy Abunda said he has forgiven those people who posted the hoax news, regardless of whether or not they have done it intentionally or for a purpose.

Liver Abscess

The veteran TV host also revealed on Sunday that 300 milliliters (ml) of abscess was sucked from his liver. That's about 20 tablespoons or 1 and 1/3 cups of pus.

According to, a liver abscess "is a pus-filled cavity within the liver, usually caused by a biliary tract source," and its "origin may be pyogenic, amebic, or (rarely, and usually in severely immunocompromised patients) fungal."

TV host Lolit Solis, one of Abunda's friends, wrote in her column on Pilipino Star Ngayon that The Buzz host's condition was caused by eating street food, adding that he was lucky for not getting hepatitis.

Boy Abunda said Sunday that during critical situations, everything will be between a sick person and his God.

Return to The Buzz

In the interview, where he turned emotional, the Kapamilya host expressed his sincerest appreciation and gratitude to his loved ones, friends, and ABS-CBN bosses and colleagues.

Boy Abunda admitted that he misses saying his opening greeting: "Magandang hapon Kapamilya, welcome to The Buzz!"

The 'King of Talk' said he will be returning to host the show on Sunday, September 14.

Here's a video of the interview, courtesy of ABS-CBN News: