Aswang in Lucena turned from bird into a woman?

The alleged aswang in Lucena became a trending topic online after photos of a person who reportedly turned from bird into a woman went viral.

alleged aswang in lucena

Facebook user Mae Marcelo uploaded on Tuesday, September 16, photos of the alleged aswang.

The description of the album containing nine pictures reads:

Eto po yung nahuling aswang sa Mayao Crossing na dinala sa outpost. Mga taga-Bestland ang nakakita na ito'y nagpalit anyo galing sa pagiging malaking ibon. Pinakawalan ito ng Kapitan ng Crossing sapagkat nag-banta ito. Nahuli din ang isa nitong kasamang lalake sa Marketview ngunit nakatakas ito. Kaya mag-ingat po kayo dahil hindi ito isang biro."

alleged aswang caught

Marcelo said the woman in the picture was caught in Mayao Crossing in Lucena City and brought to the barangay outpost.

According to her, residents of Bestland Subdivision saw the person transformed from a huge bird into a woman.

The barangay captain had let the purported aswang go after she allegedly threatened to kill everyone in the village if she won't be freed.

The woman's male companion was reportedly captured in another barangay called Market View, but was able to escape.

Marcelo went on to tell her FB friends to be cautious as she wasn't kidding.