Teresina Bell ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

Teresina Bell, an Irish woman, instantly became an internet star after posting a video of her own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fail.

Teresina Bell ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail
Screenshots from YouTube
Bell, whose Facebook profile tells us she's self-employed at Tiny T Kettlebells in Drogheda, Ireland, reportedly didn't want to be nominated, but accepted the challenge for being a good sport.

She donned her goggles and asked her parents to record the video while the bucket full of ice water was poured on her.

The wet goggles obscured her vision.

As she tried to run back to their house, probably to get a towel, Teresina's head hit a plant holder. She landed on the ground back first.

It was obviously painful, but it appears that she did not suffer a major injury.

Her video, which was uploaded last August 24, garnered over 1.8 million hits on YouTube as of this posting, not to mention the tens of thousands of shares and likes in other social media sites.