Pupil told sister she was bullied, what her sibling did next was amazing

A grade one pupil from Cebu told her sister that she was bullied by her classmates. What her sibling did next was truly amazing.

According to the Facebook post of the kids' proud dad, businessman and part-time blogger Ritche Awit, the incident took place Thursday, August 14.

His daughter, Raine, went to see her big sister Gaby, who's in Grade 4, and asked for help after she got bullied by a few of her classmates.

Instead of scolding the bullies, Gaby reacted in a mature manner. She informed Raine's adviser, Ms. Soco, about what happened...in writing!

The letter, which Gaby wrote on Raine's communication notebook, reads:

Dear Ms. Soco,

May I inform [you] that my sister Abiella Raine [has] been bullied by her classmates and I want her to be safe from fighting.

God Bless!!

Andrea Gabrielle
(Big Sister)

It was noted by the adviser.

Gaby's letter to Raine's adviser

Gaby's action reflected how she is being raised by her parents. Good upbringing definitely plays a key role in a child's behavior.