PBB All In: Big Four declared, Loisa Andalio evicted

Pinoy Big Brother has declared Maris, Daniel, Jane and Vickie as the PBB All In Big Four. On the other hand, Loisa Andalio was evicted.

PBB All In Big Four

The announcement of the PBB All In Big 4 and latest evictee took place during the reality show's 13th eviction night on Saturday, August 23.

The final percentage of votes are as follows:

Votes to Evict | Housemate | Votes to Save = Total

-5.62% | A | 32.68% = 27.06%

-0.69% | B | 12.60% = 11.91%

-2.75% | C | 10.93% = 8.18%

-13.28% | D | 14.27% = 0.99% (Loisa)

-3.04% | E | 4.13% = 1.09%

After the revelation, PBB has reset the scores back to zero and brought back "One Power To Vote," which means the public can send only 1 BBS vote and 1 BBE vote per housemate per SIM per day.

The announcement as to who among Maris Racal, Daniel Matsunaga, Jane Oineza, and Vickie Rushton will be named as the PBB All In Big Winner will happen during the Big Night that will telecast live from Resorts World Manila at 8:45 p.m. on Sunday, August 24.

Fans and supporters of the Big Four have been encouraged to wear Sky Blue for Maris, Yellow for Daniel, Red for Jane, and Violet for Vickie.