Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 surfaces online

The Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 surfaced online Friday, August 15, days after rumors that it will come out soon circulated.

Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 screenshot

A quick Google search returned thousands of results. However, there was one link that pointed to a newly-published video on

The uploader's YouTube handle was "FunStuff".

The video, which is 2 minutes and 16 seconds long, was immediately removed after an hour.

Another video titled "VIDEONESS.mp4", which lasts for 16 minutes and 13 seconds according to several showbiz blogs, was uploaded on file-sharing site MediaFire same day.

Earlier in August, talks about the Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 started after the news anchor asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) to help stop the spreading of the scandalous images.

The broadcast journalist attached in his complaint affidavit a note from the alleged leaker who threatened to release more videos if he doesn't give in to his demands.

According to the ACG, Bediones' primary suspects are the technicians who repaired his laptop.

In 2009, the TV5 news anchor brought his computer to a repair shop in Quezon City. Three months later, he started to receive blackmail letters and text.

In July 2014, the first clip was leaked and then a month later, the Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 made its way online but did not stay long.