Paolo Bediones learns the art of deadma amid scandal video part 2 leak

TV5 news anchor Paolo Bediones has learned the art of deadma amid the circulation of the so-called part 2 of his sex scandal video.

Paolo Bediones learns the art of deadma
Screengrab from News5 Everywhere
Netizens were abuzz Friday after a 16-minute private video showing the broadcast personality doing intimate acts with an unidentified partner leaked online.

The material, which is much longer than the first one, made its way in the internet via the popular file-sharing website MediaFire. According to posts on social media, the video was shared by a certain "ismael mamael" on

Once again, Paolo Bediones instantly became the top trending topic on Yahoo, Twitter as well as Facebook and, apparently, he is also one of the hottest items on Google Search over the weekend.

Despite the 'noise', the TV host kept his silence on the issue and continued to work amid the controversy. Earlier this month, he already said "life goes on" after part 1 of the scandalous video leaked.

One proof that he has learnt the art of deadma is his Instagram post on Saturday morning, just several hours after the Paolo Bediones scandal video part 2 surfaced.

He said:

Ronda Rescue right now responding to a hit and run in Cubao. A Taxi hit a pedestrian crossing Edsa then left his vehicle to escape authorities. A lot of blood but thank goodness only minor injuries. Have to monitor possible head trauma though. Here with the MMDA men in blue. 1:20am

By keeping mum, the broadcast journalist earned the respect of many. One of those who expressed support for him is IG user "maryjeanaparicio", who posted:

Continue doing [a] good job,keep inspiring everyone [with] your dedication [for] our country.We may not know you personally but our sympathy is yours.IGNORE ALL NEGA COMMENTS AGAINTS YOU.I guess theres nothing to explain about it,everyone is doing it , lahat tayo makasalanan NO One is perfect.Sadyang may mga tao lang talagang mapanghusga,na akala natin sila na ang pinakamalinis sa pusot ,isipan,pinapakialam ang buhay ng iba.Heads up,always be proud of what you are no matter what darkness comes along ...time flies so fast,all issues will be buried in everyones thoughts like others.Continue doing good vibes,thats real man.Stay strong and Pray @paolobediones ..God bless :-)

Paolo Bediones has learned the art of deama, he still has his job, and he is backed by his employer. Basically, he got nothing to be worried about.