MRT Train Derailment Cause: Technical or Human Error?

The MRT train derailment on Wednesday, August 13, is caused by either technical or human error, a Metro Rail Transit official said.

MRT Train Derailment Cause: Technical or Human Error
Photo from @Rhemey_Reigne via Twitter
In a phone interview on ANC, LRT/MRT spokesperson Hernando Cabrera revealed that the subject MRT train encountered a technical problem, lost power, and stopped while on its way to the station at Taft Avenue.

He said the passengers were not allowed to get out and walk at the side of the railway for safety concerns as there are other trains running in the opposite direction.

Cabrera said standard operating procedure called for the defective train to be linked to a working train. Unfortunately, the coupling system failed, he told the news outlet.

The spokesman said the coupler of the defective train disengaged while it was being pushed to the Taft station by a second train. The brakes of the defective train were not functioning, causing it to lose control, go off track, overshoot, and then collide with the stopper (barrier) at the end of the railway.

He added that they are looking into either human error or technical error as the real cause of the MRT train derailment.

Meanwhile, reports said that at least 30 persons sustained injuries. Details as to how many of them were passengers are yet to be known.

Witnesses said among those injured were elderly, women and children. Victims of the MRT train derailment were reportedly brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital.