MRT train derailed, hits barrier at Taft station

A jampacked Metro Rail Transit (MRT) train derailed, overshot, and hit the EDSA Taft Avenue Station on Wednesday afternoon, August 13, 2014.

MRT train derailed
Photo from PTV4
A number of passengers have been injured. Reports say victims of the MRT accident were brought to San Juan De Dios Hospital.

On Twitter, health assistant secretary Eric Tayag posted that hospitals near the MRT mishap have been alerted and are ready to receive injured commuters.

The MMDA, meanwhile, sent rescue personnel and enforcers at the Taft Station after the MRT train derailment. It said the public should expect heavy traffic in the area.

According to witnesses, elderly and children are among those injured. Several vehicles were also damaged.

At least thirty (30) persons have been wounded, reports said, but such information has not been confirmed by authorities as of this posting.

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