Makati senior citizens birthday cake overpriced, says Binay foe

In Makati, senior citizens celebrating birthdays receive cakes that are overpriced, a critic of city mayor Junjun Binay alleged.

Makati senior citizens birthday cake overpriced, says Binay foe

Lawyer Renato Bondal, who also accused the mayor and his father, vice president Jojo Binay, of corruption relative to the reportedly overpriced Makati Parking Building, revealed during Wednesday's senate inquiry that the cakes are more expensive than those being sold commercially.

The complainant said a pricey cake at Red Ribbon are available for P570 and P300 only at Goldilocks, but the birthday cakes given by Makati City to senior citizens cost over P1,000 each.

Senator Tito Sotto, a Binay ally, said that if he's a Makati resident, he will be very pleased to receive an expensive cake rather than a cheap one.

However, senator Antonio Trillanes asked copies of disbursement documents pertaining to the controversial cakes as the issue is part of overpricing allegations against the Makati City government.

Mayor Binay did not have a chance to refute the allegation as senator Koko Pimentel told Bondal to stick to the issue on the alleged overpriced building.

Video courtesy of PTV4