Grandpa gets creative for selfie, converts cane into a monopod (video)

A video featuring a grandpa who showcased his creativity by converting an assistive cane into a monopod to take a selfie has gone viral.

Lolo selfie McDonalds TVC
Courtesy of @McDo_PH via Twitter
It's the other way around, actually.

The tech-savvy senior citizen turned a unipod into a staff, an idea conceptualized in the latest TV commercial for McDonalds to promote the fast food chain's McSaver meals and McFloat varieties.

In the video, the grandpa joins two friends who are having a post-exercise refreshment at one of the store's outlets.

The one with a portable fitness tracking device says he had a great time running and that he believes he achieved a 2-kilometer run; the other asks if he was able to monitor his heartbeat.

As their pal approaches their table, they noticed that he is holding a walking stick. Both burst into laughter after one made a teasing remark that he's got rheumatism.

As he gets closer, Lolo "Astig" suddenly holds the monopod straight up, snaps a smartphone into its plate and takes a selfie, thereby capturing his friends' reactions on cam.

Side note: It wasn't actually a selfie but an "usie," the term used when there are two or more persons in a self-taken photograph.

There's a bonus.

Amused of his being cool, a beautiful old lady nearby tells grandpa: "Ang cute!" She then allows him to join her in her table and they pose for some photos together.

The funny video quickly zoomed up in the list of Twitter trending topics minutes after it was unveiled. It grabbed the attention of several celebrities among them actor Enrique Gil, who posted the following comment after he saw the YouTube video.

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