Beaten by legal wife, mistress collapses during fight (video)

Facebook's latest viral video: Beaten by an unidentified man's legal wife, a mistress collapsed during their fight at a market in Bulacan.

Legal wife vs mistress fight in Bulacan

The clip, which is 1 minute and 4 seconds long, was first uploaded by the "Para sa'yo 'to hopia Like it" Facebook page on Monday, August 4. It has garnered a thousand likes and comments and over 4 thousand shares as of this posting. The page eventually removed the video for unknown reasons.

In the video, the legal wife slapped and pulled the hair of her husband's other woman.

The mistress appeared helpless as onlookers and those who attempted to separate them couldn't do anything. At one point, she got dizzy and lost her balance.

Details as to when and where the violent confrontation took place exactly and the identities of the involved parties are unknown. However, the viral legal wife vs mistress fight video sparked an online debate on issues on extra-marital affair, cheating, and infidelity.

There have been reports that the couple already parted ways, but the husband is allegedly remiss of his financial obligation to the original family. The other woman, on the other hand, has reportedly filed a case against the legal wife. This information has not been independently verified.

Here's the viral video:

Hat tip to Von Jovi Magnaye Sabido (PinoyScoop)