Katy Perry song 'Dark Horse' cheers up crying baby (viral video)

Katy Perry's hit song "Dark Horse" cheered up a crying baby, the video of which, taken by her mother, has gone viral on social media.

Baby stops crying because of Katy Perry song

YouTube user Eva Baker uploaded the 39-second clip, but she did not say whether or not the child is her own.

At first, the cute baby girl who was snapped on a child safety seat at the backseat of the family's vehicle was crying. She suddenly switched mood from upset to happy when Katy's pop track played on the car stereo.

The moment the song began playing, her facial expression changed from anguished to joyful. The quick transformation from being hysterical to adorable was also more evident with her hand gestures.

The viral video has already garnered tens of thousands of likes and over 7 million hits on YouTube as of this posting.

It seems most of the viewers are moms, many of whom said they will try to play Katy Perry's song to cheer up a crying baby.