Jake The Snake Roberts hospitalized, diagnosed with double pneumonia

Wrestling great Jake "The Snake" Roberts was brought to a Las Vegas hospital Wednesday night due to double pneumonia, reports TMZ.

Image courtesy of GabboT / Flickr: Jake Roberts
According to a post on the website, the semi-retired pro wrestler fell ill during a flight from Atlanta to Vegas. He was rushed to the hospital after touchdown.

Canadian wrestler Sinn Bodhi, who was at Jake's bedside all night, told TMZ that his friend had a medical check up two weeks ago.

The doctor reportedly advised the WWE Hall of Famer to take some rest as he had contracted flu.

Bodhi said Roberts has been in pain, but thinks it's all caused by the prognosis.

Late last month, the WWE Hall of Famer said he's cancer free, although a grotesque photo of his leg which he posted on Twitter show he isn't fine.

Roberts will undergo several tests while in the hospital, the report said.

In an update on Twitter, retired wrestler Diamond Dallas Page said he got news from Roberts' girlfriend saying he is now "conscious but still fading in and out."