Hershey's New Logo Unveiled (+Logos Before and After Redesign)

The Hershey Company announced Friday a broad corporate brand makeover and unveiled Hershey's new logo which has a fresh and modern look.

Hershey's New Logo

"Today, The Hershey Company – known for its iconic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars and more than 80 other confectionery brands around the world – is unveiling a refreshed corporate brand that builds on the company’s powerful legacy and creates a new, modern look and feel that positions the company for the next 100 years," an August 29 news release said.

The company revealed that the new branding will be visible across its platforms, from consumer communications to websites and even the design and looks of its office spaces and retail stores.

"While rooted in a rich heritage, the new corporate brand reflects a modern, approachable look that reflects the company’s openness and transparency as it has grown into a global company," the release stated.

Hershey's new logo is simplier, but is modern and does look better than its predecessor.

Hershey's logo before and after

According to the news release, "the new corporate logo - built upon the globally recognized HERSHEY logotype used on its famous Hershey’s chocolate bar - is a modern update that features a new interpretation of the iconic shape of its Kisses brand chocolate."

"Along with the new logo, Hershey is implementing a new, disciplined visual identity system that is inspired by the famous colors of its most iconic brands, including Hershey’s, Reese’s and Ice Breakers, to bring a more colorful and consistent look to all of the company’s visual materials," it added.

Many social media users expressed appreciation for Hershey's new logo although some argue that it looks like emoji poop. What do you think?