Girl accidentally kills shooting instructor with an Uzi (actual video)

A young girl has accidentally killed a shooting instructor with an Uzi when the gun went out of control after she pulled the trigger.

Girl accidentally kills shooting instructor with an Uzi
Screencapture from YouTube
Various reports said the tragic accident took place at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills in Mohave County, Arizona, on Monday.

The victim was identified by authorities as 39-year-old Charles Vacca of Lake Havasu City.

In the following video, he is seen standing beside the child while teaching her how to use the deadly weapon.

The shooting instructor died shortly after being transported to University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Police reportedly said the 9-year-old girl came to the shooting range with her parents. Their names were not disclosed as of posting time.

Staff in the facility have no comment on what happened, according to various reports.

When the news broke out, people felt sorry for the shooting instructor. You see, if some adults find it hard to control a hand gun, how much more a minor firing an Uzi?