Gang rape-themed photo shoot sparks outrage in India [+video]

A gang rape-themed photo shoot in India sparked outrage as it was apparently reminiscent of the brutal 2012 New Delhi sexual attack.

Various reports say the controversial photos showed a female model who acted like she was being physically abused by a group of men inside what appears to be a bus.

Gang rape themed photo shoot in India

It was found out that the pictures were part of Mumbai-based Indian photographer Raj Shetye's project called "The Wrong Turn."

The images, which netizens and women's rights group referred to as "disturbing", reportedly appeared initially on the professional lensman's online portfolio but were later removed. However, several social media users and news outlets have already downloaded copies.

In a statement, Shetye defended his work and insisted that it was "self-expression" and "art" that he hoped would "garner public opinion about issues that concern women."

Twitterverse used the words "shocking", "nasty", "disgusting", "insensitive", and "sickening" to describe his project, while others said the fashion shoot was "glamourizing rape."

One of the gang-raped themed photos taken in India features a struggling woman being pinned down by two men on the seats of a large vehicle, a scene that reminds people of the incident that occured less than two years ago which prompted many to take to the streets to protest.

Five men were convicted of raping the student on a bus. The victim eventually died at the hospital. Four of the rapists were sentenced to death while one is serving a three-year jail term.