Duterte slams Ramon Bautista over 'hipon' remark in Davao

Ramon Bautista has apologized for his "hipon" remark in Davao, but the powerful Duterte family wants him declared as persona non grata.

Ramon Bautista 'Hipon' Scandal

The internet sensation, who was invited to become an entertainer during a rave party for the Kadayawan festival, got reprimanded by vice mayor Paolo Duterte after he said “Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao, alright!” and led the audience in chanting “Hipon! Hipon! Hipon!”

"Hipon" is a street lingo used to describe women with nice bodies but ugly faces, in reference to shrimps that most of the time are delicious only from the neck down.

After realizing that his brand of humor did not sit well with Davaoeños, Bautista took the stage again to say sorry and admit that he was ashamed for his remark.

Despite the apology, Duterte's sister, Sara Carpio, got upset and ranted on Facebook. The former mayor urged her friends at the city council to have the comedian declared as persona non grata for the sake of their female constituents.

Persona non grata or "an unwelcome person" will be prohibited to enter and do business in the city. A boycott or ban on advertisements featuring the subject individual is also a possible additional penalty.