Derek Ramsay confirms marriage and son

Derek Ramsay has finally confirmed that he got married to Mary Christine Jolly in 2002 and that he has an 11-year-old son, Austin Gabriel.

Derek Ramsay with wife Mary Christine Jolly
Courtesy of Mary Christine Jolly
The hunk actor made the confirmation in an official statement released to popular entertainment news website and other media outlets on Wednesday.

Despite the admission, Ramsay said he believes that the marriage was invalid and that there's no truth to allegations that he violated the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act.

Last June 27, Jolly filed a lawsuit against him for alleged "repeated emotional, psychological and economic abuse". The factual antecedents contained in his estranged wife's complaint affidavit were posted online days later.

On August 20, the Kapatid star went to the Makati City Prosecutor's Office with his lawyer, Atty. Joji Alonso, to submit his counter-affidavit. The complainant did a no-show but was duly represented by her legal counsel.

The following is the official statement of Derek Ramsay, as posted on the Philippine Entertainment Portal:

In the Complaint-Affidavit which is replete with deliberate lies and facts intended to be misleading and deceptive, there are only two things that are true:

First, that Mary Christine Jolly and I were married in 2002, a marriage that I was then told, was not valid, for various reasons.

Atty. Joji Alonso has subsequently explained to me that the information given me about the status of my marriage, is erroneous and that a marriage unless annulled, remains to be valid.

Second, that I have an eleven-year old son named Austin Gabriel Ramsay.

It was only sometime in the early part of August 2011, that I was able to confirm that Austin is indeed my son. Since then, I wanted to know my son first and keep my relationship with him, private.

Austin was just an 8 year old boy then and he would not be able to comprehend the possible media curiosity about him, specially since he was then new to the country and about to pursue his education here.

Given the circumstances between Mary and I, which is far from ideal, I had to protect Austin first. Since Austin was then so young, I felt it was prudent to protect him and maintain a private relationship with him, for the meantime.

I have nothing further to add. Everything that needs to be said is contained in the Counter Affidavit which I have submitted today.”

Talks about the actor's wife and son began spreading in June 2011. A month later, a primetime news report exposed a marriage contract that showed some wedding details.

For years, Derek Ramsay denied that he has a son from a Filipina-Indian spouse.