Car falls from 3rd floor of Greenhills mall parking

A white car fell from the third floor of the Greenhills mall multi-level parking area Friday afternoon, August 15, radio reports said.

Car falls from 3rd floor of Greenhills mall parking facility
Photo from @themommist via Instagram
Initial reports say that the driver of the vehicle is an old man with a pacemaker, a small device placed in the chest to help control abnormal heart rhythms.

The elderly driver reportedly suffered a heart attack while driving and was brought to a nearby hospital.

Several vehicles at the ground level have been damaged.

According to Twitter user "Len", she was walking at the side of the parking facility when she heard a loud bang. She initially thought it was a bomb.

The car as well as the wall where it went through have been covered with a white tarpaulin. Authorities are reportedly investigating the incident.

The following are photos posted so far on social media.