Vampire in Philippines? Man bitten by brother dies

Is there a vampire in the Philippines? Netizens asked this question after news about a 'man who was bitten by his brother died' broke.

A report published on Yahoo! News identified the victim as Ronnie Sasi, a resident of Barangay Buhang in Hamtic, Antique. He died after he was bitten on the chest by his brother, Randy, inside their home.

Vampire in Philippines? Man bitten by brother dies
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Their father reportedly said Ronnie, 22, was trying to stop Randy from punching their mother. The 32-year-old was drunk at the time.

Ronnie died after the brawl while the suspect was arrested, the report said.

At the police station, Randy admitted that he bit his brother in "self-defense" because he was tied up and couldn't breathe.

The victim might have suffered a heart attack during the fight, doctors think, or has succumbed to asthma.

Randy was reportedly charged with parricide.

Some netizens on social media poked fun on the suspect, calling him "vampire" in Philippines.