This street kid can beat you in Math (video)

A video of a street kid, whose mastery in finding the square root of real numbers' attention-grabbing, has gone viral online.

Street kids Math genius

The boy, who was identified only as Gerald and is believed to be between 10-14 years old, must be gifted with above-average mathematical skills as he can quickly figure out whether or not the given number has a square root.

Even if tricked, the street kid can identify a perfect square and imaginary number in just a snap of a finger.

Netizens who were able to watch the YouTube video called on government and private companies to sponsor a scholarship he deserves.

While his ability is limited to square roots at present, some said proper education or advanced learning may lead to the discovery of a young Filipino math genius in Gerald.

Check out this video, which was uploaded July 25 on Facebook by Chelsea Mae Luzanta, Secretary at University of Santo Tomas Commerce and Business Administration Student Council (CBASC):

The video featuring street kid Gerald has hundreds of likes and thousands of shares on the social networking site as of this posting.

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