Shopwise Scandal: Customer Mistaken As Shoplifter (Video)

A cellphone video showing an angry customer who was mistaken as shoplifter by security guards at Shopwise Antipolo has gone viral.

Shopwise Scandal: Customer Mistaken As Shoplifter

We learned from ABS-CBN News that the incident took place last June 30.

The woman in the video was identified as Evelyn Sia. She was blocked by security guards after failing to show a receipt for her purchased items.

Sia explained that the receipt was in the possession of her mother, who went ahead to a nearby market, but the guard did not accept her explanation. Instead, she was accused of being a shoplifter and was allegedly humiliated infront of other shoppers.

Sia was invited to the establishment's security office and eventually released after her mother arrived and showed the proof of purchase. The guard did apologize.

Shopwise management sent its representatives to Sia's home to say sorry, but the disgruntled customer demanded a public apology. She said it must be done inside the supermarket during peak hours.

In a statement, Shopwise apologized for the inconvenience the incident may have caused to Sia and vowed to improve its staffing and services. The supermarket chain also reviewed its standard operating procedure for retail purchase validation to ensure that such incident will never happen again.

Shopwise agreed to make a public apology on Tuesday, July 15.