Rizal High School student falls from stairs while taking selfie, dies

A student of Rizal High School in Pasig City died after she fell down the stairs while taking selfie photos last Monday, June 30.

Student dies after selfie
Student dies after selfie (Screengrab from AksyonTV/YouTube)
The 14-year-old girl's uncle, Arthur de Leon, said the adviser called to inform him that his niece was brought to the hospital after she got dizzy. At first he felt no tention as the teacher allegedly told him that she only suffered minor injuries, reports ANC via Yahoo! News Philippines.

When the uncle arrived at the hospital, he saw some medical personnel giving his niece CPR. The doctor told him that the teen was already dead on arrival.

De Leon reportedly decided to have his niece's remains autopsied after receiving conflicting information from the school. Autopsy results show that the student fell on the back of her head and her broken bones pierced her kidney.

The girl's father, Ruben, reportedly said he was really shocked upon receiving news about the death of his daughter, whom he described as "good and obedient."

The family urged Rizal High School to fully cooperate in the investigation and improve their emergency response procedures.

The girl's body was brought to her hometown Thursday, July 3.

On Friday, July 4, a DepEd official in an interview on a morning TV program clarified that cellphone use is allowed outside the classroom and taking of selfies is not prohibited. The undersecretary said the education department will launch an investigation on the incident.