Philippine Arena Seating Arrangement: Why It's Viral

The phrase "Philippine Arena Seating Arrangement" became a trending topic nationwide on Twitter on Tuesday. Here's why it has gone viral.

A quick research tells us that Iglesia Ni Cristo members slammed the content of an edited picture that's making rounds on social media.

The tampered "PHILIPPINE ARENA SEAT PLAN" is believed to have originated from a Twitter user with the handle @putapls.

Philippine Arena Seating Arrangement

Many found it "hilarious" but INC members say it's "offensive" and an "attack" against their group.

Here's some of the reactions posted on Twitter so far:

The Philippine Arena, said to be the world's largest indoor multi-purpose arena, is owned by the INC.

It was built for various activities in the celebration of the religious group's 100th anniversary on July 27.

Although the dome can accomodate at least 55,000 persons, the expected attendance is over two million.