PBB All In lovers' quarrel: Joshua calls Jane 'touchy queen'

PBB All In love team housemates Joshua Garcia and Jane Oineza are apparently having a lovers' quarrel. He even called her "touchy queen".

joshua and jane tampuhan

The 16-year-old "Daddy's Boy of Batangas" apparently got jealous that the actress was being touchy on their co-housemate Manolo Pedrosa while she was teaching him some dance moves as part of the weekly task.

Jane unconsciously touched Manolo's hands and waist several times during practice. Joshua, who was watching nearby, got upset.

He then uttered two words that got his ka-MU irritated. Jane heard it and asked Joshua to repeat what he said. He said "touchy queen" again.

That started the misunderstanding.

During a conversation, Jane reminded Joshua to show her some respect, saying "Di porke't pinayagang kitang maging close wala ka nang respeto."

The story behind the PBB All In lovers' quarrel will be told in full during the reality show's primetime telecast on Wednesday, July 23.