Paolo Bediones scandal video trends as netizens search for link

Paolo Bediones has a scandal video, netizens say. The TV anchor became a trending topic on social media as they search for links.

Paolo Bediones
Image credit: TV5
According to some Twitter users, the scandalous "6-minute" video allegedly starring the "Demolition Job" host was leaked in the internet via the file sharing site MediaShare.

Facebook users were abuzz Sunday after a download link to the .mp4 file of the Paolo Bediones scandal video titled "cartoons" spread on timelines like wildfire.

Veteran showbiz columnists and hosts Cristy Fermin and Richard Pinlac reportedly talked about the controversy during their radio program over the weekend, but no one knows who originally uploaded the material which means that the source remains unknown.

Screenshots showing a couple, described in status messages as "a familiar-looking man and an unidentified woman", doing intimate acts inside a bedroom immediately went viral.

The Paolo Bediones scandal video has not been denied nor confirmed by the involved party as he has yet to release an official statement.