Paolo Bediones Scandal: Who is Angel Gutierrez?

Another woman, identified on social media only as "Angel", has been tagged as the "real partner" of Paolo Bediones in his sex video.

Angel Gutierrez
Photo from Facebook
Facebook user TimYan Guiao posted a link to the deleted profile page of one "iamangelfierce" on, "an online and mobile community where users go to swap photos and videos of their outfits, makeup and shopping finds."

A quick Google search for the handle "iamangelfierce" returned 269 results, with the Twitter account of a certain Angel Gutierrez (@IamAngelFierce) occupying the top spot.

The description says she is a "professional model, certified fashionista, addicted to shoes, clothes, bags and gadgets". The profile page, however, no longer exists.

Angel's other accounts on websites such as Instagram, Gifboom, and Pinterest, to mention a few, have been disabled or set to private, unlike the account of 22-year-old model and part-time actress China Roces, whom social media first tagged as the woman who performed intimate acts with the news anchor.

For her part, Roces admitted that she and Bediones are friends, but vehemently denied any involvement in the scandal.

In a radio interview, the FHM model noted that the mole between her bumpers is smaller than that of the mysterious woman.

To backup her claim and show support for Roces, her Facebook followers shared a collage of photos showing the mole and bracelet of Angel Gutierrez that apparently looks the same as the one worn by the partner of Bediones in the video.

Angel Gutierrez
Images from Facebook
While the new pieces of evidence appear convincing, netizens are expected to give Angel Gutierrez the benefit of the doubt. It will be better for her to surface and clear things up.