Paolo Bediones tweets: 'Never be afraid to fail. NEVER.'

Four days prior to the sex video leak, TV5 anchor Paolo Bediones tweeted a quote for those who want to overcome the fear of failure.

Paolo Bediones
Screengrab from News5 Everywhere

On Sunday, July 27, news about a scandalous video that's making rounds on social media, allegedly involving a man—who has a strong resemblance to Bediones—and an initially unidentified female partner, broke.

It seems the TV host ceased from using Twitter at the height of the controversy. The last two tweets of Paolo Bediones were:

The 40-year-old is a prominent television personality and an intelligent man, a few of the reasons why many were shocked and in disbelief that he took a selfie video while doing intimate acts with someone.

It was a failure on his part, but Paolo Bediones said one should "never be afraid to fail".

It won't take long for the veteran broadcast journalist to restore a tarnished reputation. If Dr. Hayden Kho, Chito Miranda, and Wally Bayola were able to do it, there's no reason he can't pull himself together.