Paolo Bediones: 'Life goes on' amid sex video scandal

Paolo Bediones went back to work as anchor of the TV5 late night news program "Aksyon Tonite" amid the sex video scandal.

Paolo Bediones on Aksyon Tonite July 28, 2014
Screengrab from TV5
In his Instagram account, the 40-year-old broadcast journalist said Monday night he was "getting ready for Aksyon Tonite."

He also thanked his family, friends and supporters for the "overwhelming love" despite the controversy.

"Getting ready for Aksyon Tonite. I am truly blessed to have a family like mine. Solid friends around me and supporters who are there no matter what. Overwhelming love. Life goes on. On air in a bit," he posted.

Over the weekend, a video showing him and a woman performing intimate acts inside a bedroom was leaked via file-sharing site MediaShare.

Although Paolo Bediones became a trending topic on social media as the scandalous video went viral Sunday, there have been talks about the material's existence a week before it made its way online.

Backed by TV5, the news anchor kept mum on the matter and completely ignored bashers. The network, on the other hand, issued an official statement supporting him, saying they will not fire him from his job.

Paolo Bediones returned to anchor his program, along with Cheryl Cosim, as if nothing happened. His IG followers said they still respect him no matter what.