Loisa Andalio points knife at Manolo, may face force eviction from 'PBB All In'

PBB All In housemate Loisa Andalio may face force eviction after she was caught on live video pointing a knife at Manolo Pedrosa.

Loisa points knife at Manolo

According to some netizens, who witnessed the incident via PBB 24/7 livestreaming, the 15-year-old "Talented Darling of Pasay" was about to slice a cake when Manolo tried to remove the baked dessert away from her.

A quick look on the viral video would create an impression that they were just kidding around. Several social media users saw it as purely "kulitan" among teenagers.

However, Loisa's bashers reasoned out that her act manifested violent behavior. While it may appear as a joke, some asked: "What if she physically harmed the other person even if it was unintentional?"

The incident sparked an online debate on whether or not Loisa Andalio should be slapped with force eviction, based on a provision in the PBB Rule Book which states that:

Any housemate who becomes violent will be removed from the house immediately."

Loisa's case is comparable to that of Eslove Briones, who was force evicted from PBB Teen Clash in 2010 after he played with a knife and acted as if he was about to stab a co-housemate.

The only difference is that Loisa Andalio was not angry at the time she lifted the bread knife and pointed it to Manolo.

Nevertheless, it's interesting to know what Kuya's decision on the supposed violation will be.