Kim Chiu fans react to controversial Kimerald reunion

Fans of actress Kim Chiu reacted to reports that she is being paired again to actor Gerald Anderson to revive the Kimerald love team.

Kimerald reunion
Kimerald reunion (Screengrab from 'The Buzz')
Over a month ago, the former couple confirmed that they are already in good terms. In fact, they currently appear together in a TV commercial for a popular coffee brand.

There has been word that Kim and her ex-boyfriend will reunite as a love team in an upcoming movie or television project.

In a recent interview, both said they're okay with it for old times' sake.

The actress said she has moved on as if nothing happened, noting that "all is well that ends well." She even urged those who were affected to forget the past.

However, it appears that some got really hurt they can't let go of painful memories easily.

"Guys may video b kau dun sa ginwa n Gerald nun sa press on ng movie nla n Kim n Till my heart na iniwan n Gerald sa ere c Kim n umiiyak on national TV pa ha? Ilang taon n lumipas but still I can't forget coz I cried that time I watch it Kim crying and then now ggwan cla ng reunion movie or tele? My GOD wag na Tama n ung ngptawad c Kim!!!mrami p nman jan n pwde itambal ky Kim!!!!wag lng ung nnkit ng puso at damdamin ya ang itambal ulit sa knya!!!! Noooooo to kimerald Reunion," said one of Kim's Instagram followers.

"True nakita ko un @loverkimxi at napaka rude talaga nya....d man lang marunong rumespeto," another agreed.

Many of Kim's fans also voiced out their opposition to the Kimerald reunion. Some reacted violently and even accused Gerald of using the actress to become popular again.

"Please let this *** go already. :| There's no point in rehashing the past," a YouTube user posted.

"BIG NO! Gerald's star is slowly fading already. Knowing Kim's popularity & mass appeal, the station's planning on pairing him with Kim again to bring that 'shine' back," another person commented.

"No to reunion. Pls dont patronize GA we know ABS that he is your favorite but lets face it he lost his touch to the public. Pls do Kim a huge favor, dont use her to bring his career up. Kim is one of your most bankable stars, so pls respeto na lang sa kanya" was a fan's sentiment.

Amid the issue, some fans appealed to the Kapamilya network to leave the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim love team alone and let Gerald have his present girlfriend, actress Maja Salvador, as an on-screen partner.

"Dapat c maja partner ni gerald bakit pa c kim?dahil Laos na cya so gagamitin naman c kim," a commenter said. "Mag sama c gerald at maja ang dalawang Tao nanakit Kay Kim NG subra subra kaya karma para sa kanila dalawA."

"Why not push a majarald project?" an IG user also asked. "Kasi bakit Lagi nila dinikit c budoy Kay Kim na my maja na cya para Lang gagamitin nila si Kim?pero smart c kimmy don't think mag pa gamit pa cya Kay buds and maja."

While KimXi fans despise the Kimerald reunion, Xian thinks "there's no competition involved."

"We're just having fun. Para sa akin, we're just here to make people happy. We're just here to make everything work," he reportedly said.

Kim and Xian are set to co-star for the third time in a movie with the working title "Past Tense" with comedienne Ai Ai delas Alas.