Jose Antonio Vargas news: Fil-Am journalist released from detention in Texas

News about Jose Antonio Vargas became a hot topic online after the undocumented Filipino-American journalist was arrested and released.

Jose Antonio Vargas
Photo from
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
A blog post on the Define American website says Vargas has been released by a McAllen, Texas border patrol although the site posted no additional information as of press time.

Following the release, the 33-year-old issued the following statement:

As an unaccompanied child migrant myself, I came to McAllen, Texas, to shed a light on children who parts of America and many in the news media are actively turning their backs on. But what I saw was the generosity of the American people, documented and undocumented, in the Rio Grande Valley.

I’ve been released by Border Patrol. I want to thank everyone who stands by me and the undocumented immigrants of south Texas and across the country. Our daily lives are filled with fear in simple acts such as getting on an airplane to go home to our family.
With Congress failing to act on immigration reform, and President Obama weighing his options on executive action, the critical question remains: how do we define American?"

The controversial undocumented immigrant was detained by border patrol Tuesday morning as he tried to fly out of Texas. He was reportedly handcuffed after a failed attempt to pass through security at McAllen-Miller International Airport.