FIFA World Cup 2014: Fan upset over Brazil loss commits suicide

Brazil lost in its FIFA World Cup 2014 semifinal game against Germany and one fan can't take the crushing defeat so she committed suicide.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Fan commits suicide after Brazil defeat

Police identified the once passionate soccer football fan as Pragya Thapa, a 10th grade student from the village of Bharaul located 400 kilometers east of Katmandu in Nepal, reports the Associated Press via Yahoo! Sports.

She was living with her mother and grandparents while her father is working overseas.

Thapa got depressed after her favorite team lost badly to Germany 7-1 in the FIFA World Cup 2014 semifinals last Tuesday. The teenager's mother discovered her dead body hanging from the ceiling in her room Wednesday morning.

Police told media they were conducting an investigation and that the suicide victim's remains have been subjected to an autopsy, the report said.

Some soccer football fans who've read the news said killing ones self over passion for the sport is a stupid act.

"It's perfectly understandable if she's upset that her favorite team lost in a crushing defeat, but hanging yourself because of a little game? What a shallow excuse to end one's life," posted a commenter with the handle of Peanut.

"My condolences to the family...but, your daughter was simply stupid. There can never be a justified reason for SUICIDE. This also goes to all who have taken the "easy way out" , rather than face the reality of life and making the best to eventually live life to the fullest. To those who are still thinking of is to short already..LIVE and DREAM somemore," added a netizen named Carlos who's been following FIFA World Cup 2014 updates.