China Roces feels 'really bad' about sex video scandal

China Roces, the alleged partner of Paolo Bediones in a viral sex video, has admitted that she feels "really bad" about the scandal.

China Roces
Photo from China Roces Facebook page
In a phone interview on "Good Times With Mo" over FM station Magic 89.9, the FHM model vehemently denied that she's the woman in the scandalous video.

“I feel really bad” about it, she told the radio show's hosts DJ Mo, Mikey Bustos, and Sam Oh on Monday, July 28, according to a report published on the entertainment website

Earlier that day, she already denied involvement in the sex scandal through a Facebook post.

The 22-year-old freelance model claimed that she has not seen the actual footage and "only saw the pictures in the newsfeed" on Facebook and Twitter as well as the "comparison" made by netizens between her and the woman in the video.

DJ Mo mentioned the close resemblance of China Roces to that of the woman, noting the mole between her bumpers. The controversial disc jockey, however, think that the woman in the video might not be her considering the size and position of the mole.

“They can check all my pictures. [The girl's mole] is bigger than [mine]," the FHM hottie reportedly said, challenging her bashers on social media, although she confirmed having a pierce on her navel, a feature that led many to conclude she's the woman who had intimate scenes with the famous newscaster.

Mo Twister also mentioned the similarity of China's bracelets in one of her Instagram photos to the one worn by the woman in the sex video. She only replied: “Ah, really? Really? No, not me.”

The part-time actress also confirmed that she and Bediones are friends. China shared that the broadcast journalist texted to inform her about the leaked sex video. The FHM babe said she laughed at the time and even teased him for being "chickboy" (womanizer).

Towards the end of the interview, China Roces said she can't do anything to "whatever people think about [her]", but thanked the program for giving her a chance to air her side.