CCTv video captures maid maltreating bedridden woman

A maid identified as Emilie Magbanua was caught on CCTv camera maltreating Lola Mering, a bedridden woman, in Caloocan City.

In the video aired on the news program TV Patrol Weekend last Saturday, July 19, the househelp is seen hurting the old woman mercilessly.

Magbanua forced a spoon into the mouth of the helpless victim while feeding her. She also pinched Lola Mering's nose and pushed a piece of cloth hard while wiping the mouth area.

maid maltreating bedridden woman video
Screenshot from TV Patrol Weekend
When the granddaughter, Anna, noticed that something wrong was going on, she reviewed the CCTv footage and discovered the abuse. She also found out that Magbanua tied her grandmother's hand at one instance.

Anna's mom, Tess, confronted Magbanua but the latter denied hurting her mother.

Tess immediately went to the barangay office and police station to blotter, but she eventually forgave Magbanua, fired her and just let her go away, a decision she regretted after receiving information that her siblings wanted to put the helper in jail.

Due to the physical abuse, Lola Mering sustained wounds in the face and bruises in her hand, the report said. As of posting time, the family has not filed a formal complaint against the suspect.