After rising from the dead, baby dies again

After allegedly rising from the dead, the 3-year-old baby who was supposed to be buried last Saturday in Zamboanga del Sur died again.

Baby who came back from the dead dies again

It was reported that the toddler woke up during the funeral mass held at the San Isidro Parish Church in the town of Aurora last July 12, more than 24 hours after she was declared dead.

The child allegedly opened her eyes and was sent back to the hospital to have her condition checked. There, it was confirmed that the girl was already dead but the family did not believe the findings so they brought her body back to their house.

On Monday, July 14, an ABS-CBN News team went to the residence and saw the child lying in bed while being fed with milk using cotton. According to the mother, Wena Romarate, they decided to bring her child home after the priest told them that she was still alive.

A relative, Pedro Mendoza, reportedly said his grandniece's head moved when they opened the coffin. Upon holding her wrist, the uncle said he felt her pulse.

However, the parish priest denied Romarate's claim. Father Nilo Tabaña said he was not able to talk to the family at the church as people were already surrounding the coffin after the mass.

According to the medical report, the baby was rushed to a medical clinic due to high fever. Her temperature reportedly rose to 41 degrees celcius Thursday night, July 10. She died Friday, July 11, due to acute bronchopneumonia or the inflammation of the lungs which commonly affects children with measles or whooping cough.

On Monday, July 14, the municipal health officer went to Romarate's residence and showed the mother that her child's heart was no longer beating. After checking her condition, Dr. Mary Silyne Cabahug concluded that the baby showed no signs of life.

The health official advised the mother to have her baby buried immediately as the body was already releasing foul smell and has started to enter the decomposition stage.