PBB All In: Joshua Garcia wants voluntary exit

Thinking that he and Jane Oineza are being pressured, PBB All In housemate Joshua Garcia wants voluntary exit from the Pinoy Big Brother House.

The two teenagers, who are frequently caught on camera flirting with each other, have apparently been told to minimize their public display of affection (PDA) which means they have to refrain from being together often.

Joshua Garcia and Jane Oineza
Screengrab from PBB All In 24/7
The 16-year-old "Tatay's Boy ng Batangas" must have thought that the world is against his feelings toward the young actress. He told co-housemate Vickie Rushton that he wanted to quit.

Joshua Garcia is still inside the PBB House and has not voluntarily exited as of this posting. He could have changed his mind following someone's friendly advise.

We're going to find out developments on this story during Monday's primetime telecast of PBB All In, right after Aquino & Abunda Tonight.